Create,pay,purchase,buy Great #investment in this #executive producer,artist,acqusition,talent management – Shanell “lady luck” jones – Create the tightest group,company,club,corporation that people have to be at least 31 of age & 15 years in the industry to enter. All of the companies below collab to make it possible with her , & #publish this album of music she got. – responsible #funds
#motown records, #atlantic records, #warner music group , #columbia records, #sony entertainment, #hostess entertainment, #cte world, #eethg corps inc record label, #viacom +Motown Records​ +MotownDetroit​ +Atlantic Records​ +Atlantic Records​ +Viacom Inc.​ +Warner Music Group​ +Columbia Records​ +Sony Music Entertainment​ +HostessEntertainment​ +CTE thaWorld​ +Eethg Corps Inc –​

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