RACHEL DOLEZAL: YES, OKAY … I’M WHITE!!! YA HAPPY NOW? new http://bit.ly/1KWA5gp

we the people of The Real​ talk show would like to thanks for taking us to the next level with BBC News​ #national  The New York Times​  – I personally have been looking for someone to give us exposure so thank you very much ! and we would ask that you look over or excuse the “the baby must be black too” comment from one of the host – it was derogatory and we apologize !!! you have did a lot for black people Rachel Dolezal​ The Rachel Maddow Show​  Jimmy Fallon​ Jimmy Kimmel Live​ we would like like to say you are welcome in my hood !!!! @media @news @press

via #Eethg | Blogger http://bit.ly/1KWA5gp


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