Inside: The Governor’s Ball – The Most Awaited Menu Of The Year

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Chef Wolfgang Puck has been captain at the helm of Hollywood’s biggest night’s biggest menu for 21 years and has seen the annual Governor’s Ball evolve from a stuffy sit-down snore fest to the lively speak-easy styled soiree that it is today.

He keeps flavors edgy and inspired while staying anchored in comfort fare, spiffing up familiar dishes with his renowned Wolfgang touch.

This is the most distinguished feather in his cap, and his after-Oscars menu offerings are of just as much interest as the Academy Award itself.

With the personality of the Ball identifying more with the mix and mingle than classic sit down, the Chef has engineered a variety of one-to-two bite offerings as well as heartier small-plates.

Check out the menu and Click HERE and HERE for some mouth-watering galleries of the delicious set-up inside the Ray Dolby Ballroom as well as access to recipes in case you wanted…

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