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Entail Establishment Terrence Herschel Gay !

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Jay Bilas finally meets rapper Young Jeezy (VIDEO)

Eethg. Corps. Inc.-Entail Establishment Terrence Herschel Gay !:

would like to sign jay bilas to Eethg Corps Inc Sports and CTE World Sports !

Originally posted on CollegeBasketballTalk:

If you follow college basketball analyst Jay Bilas on Twitter, you’ve probably seen him begin each morning with a tweet or two that ends with the trademark phrase, “I gotta go to work.”

That trademark phrase comes from Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy, who Bilas has often shouted out on the air and called an urban philosopher.

Jeezy, who has two platinum albums and two gold albums among his six studio releases, also returned the favor by shouting out Bilas on the remix to E-40’s “Function” by saying, “we goin’ to work like Jay Bilas.”

So, as you can see, Bilas and Jeezy have a mutual respect, but the two titans of their respective industries had never actually met in-person until a recent video feature with Vibe.

Bilas starts off in the video by reciting a Jeezy line into the microphone — which is a fantastic start to the clip…

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